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Amazing #1 Mystery Novel
Amazing Novel

"Leave No Evidence" 


Leave No Evidence           Photo by Sharon Prattt

Amazing Mystery Novel

By Author/Novelist

Marilyn Harley Irick

A Fictional Mystery That Will Keep You Guessing Till The Very End!
A true paranormal event moved the author to write this book!

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A Mystery Novel Spanning Two Continents

Paperback or Ebook

About The Book  

A compelling novel that causes one to think about daily routines!


A New York professional seeks a quiet place to complete his creative drafting assignment, but ends meshed in the midst of a murder mystery which spans two continents. He temporarily borrows a charming downtown apartment from a former colleague to escape his own noisy world of madness, yet only to find he'd shifted deeper into another's darkness. When an ominous message appears on his friends' computer desktop revealing a criminal cliché 'LEAVE NO EVIDENCE' this spurs the ingenious architect to calculate-a time-out!

            There is a diversity of people-class and lifestyle choices which all reflect the true inner-city collage of ethnicity and sexual persuasions, but this only declares that the main character is a class act. While things are already getting strange for a man who inherits a family fortune there are the people he thought to be his friends inhabit a disguise with tactical scams and magic all through seductive relationships which seem to place certain parties in the spotlight for being as phony as a three dollar bill! While in the midst of unraveling scandalous events Doug finds himself caught in a transcontinental enigma, and in due course he is subjected to another painful discovery. His Auntie, the late Lady Mildred Donovan, may not have died of natural causes.





          Back cover text on the Author's Excerpts

Marilyn Harley Irick grew up on the banks of South Carolinas coast in a Southern style of allure that afforded her an unpretentious imagination, which gradually unfolded an inherent grace for creating and sharing stories. Surprisingly, she heard about her cousin’s son who had received a key from a true ancestor that happened to fit the door of an authentic Scottish castle. Curiously after his death a spark of interest was initiated about how his beloved key was found to have been paranormally moved by itself—more than once. This story prompted Marilyn to compile a riveting narrative that fashioned her first novel Leave No Evidence.

She was always aware of a unique enthusiasm for creative writing, which was chiefly initiated in her ninth grade class at Saint Andrews Junior High School. Marilyn recalled a particular assignment where students were asked to choose an item in the classroom and make it come alive with words. This prized moment of expression to illustrate a mundane object like a yellow number 2 pencil inspired her soul with a fierce passion—a future dream of setting her artistic inhabitation’s free for writing passionately. Later, after her children were grown, she entered an upper state college then graduated with honors. While taking basic courses she favored the art of photography thus becoming professional to work in various studios. Marilyn Harley Irick finally left the camera room to seek her vision quest for composing descriptive stories where now her dreams have ultimately materialized into fruition. This book has been reviewed by the...

Foreword Clarion Reviewers

“In her debut novel, Marilyn Harley Irick tells an absorbing story that has the potential to become a sought-after summer page-turner. Leave No Evidence is…like the fusing of a Maeve Binchy novel and a mystery by J.D. Robb.”

       Foreword Clarion Reviewer, Lee Gooden


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