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"Angels of a Steeple Chaste"

While working as a fashion photographer I discovered that I was the best this company had, as sales, training, and posing goes. Unfortunately I also found out about an unfavorable habit I had in the work place. It was speaking about...G-d. Supposedly it's not to be done in a business establishment anymore. Someone who I was instrumental in hiring had called me on this very thing and asked me to stop talking about G-d in the workplace.

That didn't startle me coming from a young man fresh out the Navy, but it did make my inner psyche spin for a minute and I halted everything that I was doing, looked this man straight in the eyes and without any hesitation using a low key voice: "Carl, you have the right to ask this of me and especially in the workplace, but could you do me a favor as well?"

I asked him if he wouldn't mind printing a negative that I had from my college days. I told him there was something I couldn't explain that had appeared on the negative. The very unmistakably and paranormal something showing up on the negative inclined me to rethink the idea of even remotely trying to print the thing. It presented some type of holiness and so I wasn't sure what to do with it but certainly knew to be revrently careful with it, at least, until I could figured it out.

What happened after the ex-Navy man printed the negative was so unbelievable that it took me a while to ingest the notion of what an agnostic truly is; someone waiting for God to intervene and change their mind. Yes, he made a 360 turnabout in his belief system, but what was it displayed on the photograph that triggered this event?

Also in the pages of "Angels of A Steeple Chaste" you will encounter how G-d uses the biological senses of our human composition which reinforces our guardian angels for better assisting us. The angel messengers, our body guards, help and guide us in everyday decision-making;  they are sent for the direction of mankind’s journey through the junctures of life's twist and turns. With the aid of our angels we are pointed towards a path to love and learn. It is with their perpetual attendance that our souls are safely guarded. That’s their job! The angel’s perseverance is an unshakably fervent feature that has inspired personal miraculous acts of protection. You may explore within these pages some of the mystifying incidences performed dutifully by my own appointed guardian angel. The perpetual concerns and influences of our angelic being are consistent in moving us towards the righteousness of God. The good guardians will always and purposefully direct us to the heavenly creator. How we favor making the acceptable choices of [right from wrong] depends on how we receive and interact with our invisible guides. Most of the time we are unaware of their closeness and constant devotion, but when factoring in the gift of five human senses we must also include the sixth sense. It is with this sixth sense that we come face to face with the reality that our angels are truly present and working among us.

Angels accomplish much through our senses, but it is most times with the additional senses that move us spontaneously. When we recognize the distinction of the subjective sixth sense being transcended on our psyches, we are either overwhelmed or tend to brush it off as coincident. In the eyes of modern man the paranormal is border-line believable, an intuitive and highly controversial subject. Yet, I feel as though I must endeavor to reach even a loftier level of criterion, not in the state of mind but in the state of emotions, the inner feelings which I believe pertains to the seventh sense, the Sense Of Heart. Through the extension of all the senses and with an added extraordinary gift of grace from God, the human creature that we are, we can allow ourselves to be loved, accept love, and further we then learn to love. God expounded on mans uniqueness with the sixth and seventh senses. Through extrasensory perception of the paranormals sixth sense and due to the emotions of our hearts seventh sense we acknowledge His blessed filled graces leading us to discover that God and his angels are here, present and ever moving us in the direction of His eternity.   

Hallowed Ground

        Structures of man-made buildings inspired by the Almighty one like church steeples, project a naturalized and sacred holy ground, whereby angels have been discovered making their cordial presence known, as they move by means of divine guidance. I can appreciate this mystical masterpiece for I myself have photographed the most unusual collection of angelic busyness. This epic event of capturing the angels image on film was so meaningful that it drew me into the magisterial teaching of the Church Itself. There are many areas and niches that show signs of awe-inspiring divine presences; this is merely one of them.Psalm 91:11-12 “For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways. They will bear you up in their hands, that you do not strike your foot against a stone.”



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